Free Puzzles

Looking for new and engaging content for your newspaper, magazine, or website?

Looking for a challenge for your students to teach logic or math concepts?

Kansuko is fun for readers, comes in a variety of difficulties, and can be customized to fit your space! Kansuko's vertical design makes it perfect for column layouts or unused ad space in publications. Kansuko can also be customized into worksheets or printouts for your classroom.

Kansuko puzzles range from the very easy to the very difficult, perfect for escalating challenges throughout a week. Each puzzle has a unique ID so readers can check their solution online at any point.

We offer free Kansuko puzzles to add to your:

  • Lesson Plans
  • School Newspaper/Newsletter
  • Newspaper/Periodical
  • Weekly Publication
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Fish Fry Placemat
  • You name it!

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